On the slopes of the volcano Mount Malindang on the island of Mindanao in the Philippines Trees for All together with the local population is restoring the forest. The remaining forest higher up on the slopes has a very high level of biodiversity. By planting a protecting ring of new forest around this remaining old forest, the existing biodiversity will be conserved and other species that were driven away will find a new habitat.

The higher slopes were in 2004 reserved as a 'Natural Park' by the government, however money for reforestation was not available. In 2008, through the contribution of Trees for All this reforestation could finally start. The project has started small scale with 50 hectares per year, but with the option to extend, even to surrounding volcanoes.

The National Park has a surface of more than 53 thousand hectares, of which only 33 thousand is remaining forest. Around 4000 families still live in the Park under very difficult conditions. The deforestation that took place in the 20th century has led to big scale erosion, floods and mud streams, which have been devastating for the agriculture that takes place down slope.

The trees will be planted and will grow into a forest, the biodiversity will be restored but for the moment we will not have the CO2 sequestered certified. The certification process is very expensive and we want to keep the project affordable.

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