A solution always tailored to your preference

Would you like to compensate the CO2 emissions of your company? Together with you, Trees for All will always find a suitable solution, one that also gives greater substance to your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy. A climate-neutral product or service, donating trees or the creation of a 'company forest'. Everything is possible.

Free calculatrion of CO2 emissions

Based on your energy consumption and transportation data, Trees for All will calculate the CO2 emissions of your company, without any obligation on your part. You will be provided with immediate advice as to how you can compensate for your emissions.

Trees for All projects

We do not trade in CO2 credits; instead, we exclusively invest in our own development projects. This provides additional income for the local population and contributes to the recovery of nature and the environment. We maintain short communication lines and this way provide all of the information you may require. You can visit your project at any time to see the results with your own eyes.

Reliable partner

Trees for All is the only provider of CO2 compensation that meets the strict criteria of the CBF quality mark for charities. This means low overhead costs, transparency and a guarantee that your contribution is well spent.

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